Monday, October 02, 2006

Reformation Impossible?

Two questions to ponder:

1. Once a denomination, or Christian organisation, becomes riddled with heresies and heretics do they ever make a comeback?

2. Once a preacher has crossed over into error do they ever come back to the truth?

A few years back I asked the first question to the Baptist Minister, and Church historian, Robert Oliver. He paused...I waited...and in the end he could only think of the recent conservative resurgence among the Southern Baptists. He didn't think that the Brits were very good at this sort of thing. Once we lose our institutions they are gone for good.

Now, of course, there are renewal movements within theologically, and morally, compromised denominations. But is that all that they have ever been, or will be?

Dave Bish has some thoughts on this after hearing Carl Trueman. The title will take you there.

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Unknown said...

i want to believe in reformation!