Thursday, April 02, 2009

Martin Downes to preach at the Lakeland Bible School

Just in case you were wondering I'm not preaching in Lakeland Florida but at the Lakeland Bible School, Keswick, in the North of England. The Lake District is beautiful, so beautiful it could almost be mistaken for Wales.

Lakeland Bible School is a weekend of teaching and fellowship at the Keswick Convention Centre aimed mainly at young people from the North West, but a very warm welcome will be given to any wishing to come from elsewhere. Previous speakers have been Dominic Smart, Ian Hamilton, Nick Needham, David McGowan, Daniel Webber, Stephen Clark and Phil Swann.

You can find lots of details here.

I will be speaking on Truth Matters. I count this as a real privilege and am looking forward to it.

The talks are as follows:

Friday night: The Truth of the Gospel Matters (Galatians 1)

Saturday morning: Being United in Christ Matters (Ephesians 4)

Saturday night: Your Relationship with Christ Matters (Colossians 2)

Sunday morning: The Local Church Matters (Acts 20)

The programme can be found here and booking details are here

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Andrew Rowell said...

Thanks for this Martin! No one has used the website to actually book yet!