Wednesday, April 01, 2009

19th Century Spurgeon audio recording discovered

A short audio file of C. H. Spurgeon preaching at the Metropolitan Tabernacle around 1890 has recently been found in the BBC archives. The clip, originally recorded on an Edison phonograph cylinder, is only thirty seconds long, and the quality is pretty poor. But if you have ever wondered what the great preacher's voice sounded like then listen in here.

There is an article about it in the Telegraph here


Jonathan Hunt said...


I've been had.

Check the date boy, check the date.

Guy Davies said...

Very naughty!

Gary Brady said...

Spurgeon would be proud of you

Anonymous said...

Come on...seriously? I love it...but I'd never fall for it!

JohnOrchard said...

Very good. But my favourite that I've seen today is this one:

Johli Baptist said...

Veeery interesting, but stupid.

You time waster!