Thursday, October 01, 2009

Heading to London

Tomorrow I will be on the train heading down to London. I will be speaking at the International Presbyterian Church Ealing from Friday through to Sunday. The first two days are the "at home" church weekend away. Paul Levy (above) is the minister. He is a Welshman, living in exile. Ealing of course was the home of Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones, and I believe also of John Owen. In fact they both died there.

My theme is "Truth Matters" and we will be looking at "Why the Gospel matters" (Galatians 1), "Why the Word of God matters" (2 Tim. 3) and "Why the local Church matters" (Acts 20). I'm also doing a seminar on covenant theology.

Following that on Tuesday morning I will be a guest on Premier Radio's Inspirational Breakfast talking to John Pantry about Risking the Truth. Tuesday afternoon will be taken up with the Affinity theological team meeting. We are planning out our next theological studies conference, on the doctrine of Scripture, for February 2011. Greg Beale, Carl Trueman, Daniel Strange and yours truly are the scheduled speakers, with a few more to come.


Guy Davies said...

You should nab Tim Ward for the Affinity Conf on Scripture. His 'Words of Life' is the best book on the Bible for ages. I have his e-mail if you want to contact him.

Graham Weeks said...

Thank you for your ministry at IPC. I listened this morning. I think everyone was late due to the rain. I was. The presenter was obviously not really sympathetic to your position as reformed, especially evident in his patter before you arrived. But what i heard from you was a good witness.