Thursday, September 07, 2006

The trouble is with the knees

We should not be surprised that God's revelation of himself dwarfs our capacity to take it in. God's Word is filled with infinities and immensities. This is no more so than with the revelation of God's being and Triune nature. Revelation sets the boundaries of orthodoxy and sets the framework and limits to our abilities to comprehend the Triune God and his works.

"When men approach God's truth with a haughty attitude, they often decide that particular elements of that truth are not "suitable" to them, so they "modify" the message of the faith to fit their own notions. Since the Trinity is the highest of God's revelations concerning himself, it is hardly surprising to discover that many groups deny it...An unwillingness to worship God as God has revealed himself lies behind every denial of the Trinity that appears down through history. We want a God we can fit in a box, and the eternal, Triune God does not fit that mold".

James White, The Forgotten Trinity, p. 20-21


Gareth said...

"The trouble is with the knees" where is that phrase from Martin? Is it a Tozer phrase? It sounds like something Allan often says and he often says things Tozer said. What do you think the general opinion on Tozer is among ministers in Wales? In my opinion he was wonderful.

Martin Downes said...

Sounds like it should be Tozer. I think it is a phrase I heard from Dick Lucas. He was commenting about doing university missions. In student evangelism the problem is not with the mind but with the knees.

Not sure about the general opinion on Tozer. I read "The Knowledge of the Holy" years ago and thought it was awesome. You've encouraged me to pick it up again!