Sunday, September 24, 2006

Their Appearance is Deceptive

It is amazing to think what contrasting images the Bible uses to impress upon us the reality and danger of false teachers.

In appearance they are angels of light, sheep and shepherds.

In reality they are fierce wolves who want to kill the flock.

It is strange that we are slow to believe Jesus' words, and those of his apostles, on this matter. We are far too easy on accepting the appearances and far to naive about the dangers.

I have my own concerns about the usefulness and wisdom of some discernment ministries. I know in my own experience how easy it is to be hard and self-righteous when condemning error. But I do find it somewhat out of place that crying "wolf!" is frowned upon so much.

Have evangelicals become complacent about these warnings? Have we lost the sense of the destructive nature of false teaching?

It has become something of a truism to say that evangelicals no longer see doctrine as important. Following in the wake of this antipathy is a loss of sensitivity to the reality and danger of heresy.

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