Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Some stuff about the summer

Here are some of the things that I have been, or will be, doing this summer. Naturally, there are five points.

Summer speaking:

I'm doing two parts of a four part Bible overview at the Extratime sessions (for 16s-25s) at the EMW Aberystwyth Conference (despite rumours the picture above is not a recent one of a family attending the conference). I'm speaking on Adam and Moses, tracing their significance across the OT and NT. The other two sessions will be given by Mark Barnes. Jonathan Thomas is also speaking at the conference, and the main addresses will be given by Joel Beeke. The usual suspects (see here and here) should be there too.

Summer listening:

Those good old boys at the Reformed Forum/Christ the Center recorded an interview with me yesterday about Risking the Truth. It should appear mid to late August. You can have a listen to their latest interview with John Fesko here.

Summer writing:

My chapter "Heresy Never Dies: Socinians and Open Theists on the denial of God's foreknowledge" which will be part of a collection of essays "in honor of..." (not sure that his identity is public knowledge yet) is being written up over the next two weeks.

Summer reading:

Marsden's bio of Jonathan Edwards, a stack of commentaries on Galatians, and who knows what else (see summer writing for a theological angle on that). And if I can get hold of it I'll be reading John Fesko's The Rule of Love: Broken, Fulfilled, Applied (which, as you can probably tell, is an exposition of the ten commandments).

Summer relaxation:

The Downes' family are looking forward to getting away from it all.


Gary Brady said...

Glad to see that our paths will be crossing at least a little. You sound very organised!

Martin Downes said...

Smoke and mirrors Gary, smoke and mirrors