Tuesday, November 07, 2006

How far can you go?

Q. When someone moves from orthodoxy to heresy how far can they go?

A. All the way to hell.

That is shockingly blunt. You ought to read the question and answer again with what Packer calls a "traumatic awe." We do not want it to be so, but we are not fit to arbitrate on these matters or to run the universe.

Orthodoxy is serious. Heresy is serious. Neither are playful word games.

"...just as there are doctrines that are true, and that can bring salvation, there are those that are false, so false that they can spell eternal damnation for those who have the misfortune to be entrapped by them."

Harold O. J. Brown, Heresies, p. 4


drew@jonah said...


I check your site almost every day and it's always very encouraging. Your thoughts are always careful, calculated, and well-put forth. Thank you.

Martin Downes said...

Thanks Jonah

This site is something of a research project on the way to some more substantial writing. I'm glad that you find it helpful.

Feedback on some of things that I have posted would be a real help (either by posting comments or by email).

Highland Host said...

Brown is such a good wrteron the subject.