Sunday, June 13, 2010

You do the math (updated)

Thanks to Sheena Strain for drawing my attention to this headline.

And thanks to Justin Taylor for pointing out to me that it was probably inspired by this:

For more on the connection between the headlines go here

Still, let's not let forget the fact that to England it felt like a defeat, and the New York Post confuses the "British" with the "English."

Let us not forget that no Welsh, Scottish, or Northern Irish goalkeeper would have committed such a howler.  Let us also not forget that no Welsh, Scottish or Northern Irish goalkeeper had the opportunity to commit such a howler at the World Cup seeing as we all failed to qualify.  A small but important fact.


Sheena said...

*counts on fingers*

Yep, definitely adds up to a win on this side of the pond. :0)

Kevin said...

Stephen said...

As an Englishman married to an American I call tell you that in our house I was the one who considered it a loss. Joy was delighted with the result, 1-1 was a win for the US and a loss for England. As Kermit said, "it ain't easy being Green".