Monday, February 15, 2010

Scotland swept away by an irresistible red tide

Five minutes, seventeen points, an almost unbelievable comeback, and a nation's hopes swept away by an irresistible red tide. As the Scottish commentator Andrew Cotter put it "Shane Williams has won the most dramatic game in this Six Nations, perhaps in any Six Nations"


Dear Scottish friends,

I'm so sorry that we robbed you on Saturday. You were the better team, well at least until the last five minutes.

Dear American friends,

Enjoy the video. This is how to play rugby, and why rugby is so much better than what you call football. Observe the score and watch what happens..


Paul said...

I watched nearly the whole game. About 5 minutes before the whistle, 2 year old nephew pipes up, wants to watch Jungle Book. We watch the section with the elephants. Turn the TV back on, and Wales have won.

Thankfully, I watched it back, and this really is great stuff. However, American Football does have its fair share of drama too, and the more I understand it, the more I enjoy it.

Martin Downes said...

There was a guy interviewed on Radio Wales who left the stadium with five minutes to go so as to beat the rush to the train station. He and his son were on the platform when he got three updates by text about the score.

In a word: gutted

Anonymous said...

If the opposition decide to hand you a game it's rude not to accept.
There's a reason these things go for 80 minutes.
Say, wasn't that a knock-on at the clearance from the ruck at 8:40?

Stephen said...

Pride says, "We wiz robbed!"

Reality says, "We gave it away..."