Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Liberalism never dies

Not just in the19th and 20th centuries but today. Liberalism is a mood, a mindset, a set of presuppositions about how to relate the content of the gospel to the clamouring voices of the culture. There is this general disposition and particular manifestations of it over time.

As Gandalf said to Frodo Baggins "Always after a defeat and a respite,the Shadow takes another shape and grows again."

The latest edition of the 9 Marks journal focusses on these issues. There are articles by Carl Trueman, Phil Johnson, Al Mohler, Mike Ovey and several others. Well worth reading. You can download the whole journal here.

(HT: Monergism)


Anonymous said...

Hello, I sent an email with this message using the church email address but it was was returned as address not known.
"I understand from a blog by your pastor that Dr. Stuart Olyott is a member of the church.
I knew Dr Olyott from the time he was pastor at Belvedere and I was at the Simon Community in Liverpool.
I would like to contact Dr Olyott and speak to him on matter from those days. It is possible that Dr Olyott has long forgotten me. All I can think of to remind him of me is that he twice lent me his car and paid for the petrol. Other than that I really don’t know how I can confirm that this is a genuine enquiry and not a spam mail.
I appreciate and respect your need for care in dealing with unsolicited emails and I am therefore not asking for a contact address. Could you please show Dr. Olyott this email and I will pray he will remember me and reply.

Yours in faith,

Charles Lee."

Martin Downes said...

Dear Charles,

I am aware that we are currently having problems with our church email address. Stuart is a member here and I have passed on your message and address to him. He has recently returned from a long overseas trip and so may not be able to reply immediately.

Every blessing