Wednesday, September 23, 2009

You cannot share the limelight with the Son of God

Probing words for preachers from the pen of John Brown:
There is something incongruous and disgusting in one whose mind ought to be habitually employed about the glory of the Divine character--the order and stability of the Divine government--the restoration of a ruined world to purity and happiness--the incarnation and sacrifice of the Son of God--the transforming and consoling influence of the Holy Ghost--the joys and sorrows of eternity--and whose grand business it ought to be to bring these things, in all their reality and imp0rtance, before the minds of his fellow-men--it is incongruous and disgusting in such a man to appear primarily anxious to draw men's attention to himself--seizing every opportunity to bring himself into notice--exhibiting the truths of the gospel chiefly for the purpose of displaying his own talents--calling men's attention to them more as his opinions than as God's truth, and less ambitious of honouring the Saviour, and saving those who hear him, than of obtaining for himself the reputation of piety, or learning, or acuteness, or eloquence.

This is truly pitiable; and if angels could weep, it would be at folly like this.
John Brown, Galatians, p. 53-4

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