Friday, September 18, 2009

A Generous Orthodoxy?

Permit me to share some reflections on reviews of Risking the Truth.

Perhaps the most frequently used word has been "unusual." The format, interviews rather than essays, certainly is that. But I have also had the impression that the tone of the book has been a surprise too. Rather than finding the book to be a munitions dump for trigger happy heresy hunters it has been described by some pastors as "wise" (Kevin De Young), "practical, Christ centred and heart warming" (Jonathan Thomas), "the pastoral and relational emphasis that permeates the book makes dealing with a difficult topic a relatively encouraging task" (Gary Ware), and as possessing the "tenderness of pastoral wisdom" (M. Jay Bennett). Not, of course, that it holds back in calling a spade a shovel.

But if you are dealing with theological errors you need to be passionate about the gospel, grateful for the work of the Holy Spirit, thorough in your research, precise in your analysis and critique, vigilant in your care for the church, and compassionate toward people.

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