Saturday, February 02, 2008

Carl Trueman, you have my sympathies (not)

Wales haven't beaten England at Twickenham since 1988...until today. After the first half I thought we were in for a hiding. But in the second half England collapsed. The final score was 26-19 to the men in red.

Now, the esteemed church historian professor Carl Trueman, is known for his crowing about the Welsh. Nay, his verbal jousts are legendary (and we might add Derek Thomas is a model of Christian patience with him). Perhaps we can look forward to a humble ackowledgement from him at Ref 21 of the Welsh rugby team's victory at HQ.

Here's an interesting remark from The Guardian, "The Six Nations is naked nationalism, unashamed full frontal, and it's wonderful...The Six Nations has to be one of the most gloriously, overtly, tribal tournaments in European sport."

There is lovely innit.


I see that Derek Thomas sprinted to the keyboard as soon as the whistle went ;-)


Gary Brady said...

That's it, rub it in. (Make hay while the sun shines I suppose, to be honest. Good though.)

Anonymous said...

It was a shocking game...the second half was a bad way of course ;-)