Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Losing Christ in your ministry

A friend and I were once discussing a frank admission that he had once heard. It came from a pastor who said "I lost sight of Jesus in my ministry." It was a remark tinged with sadness, and we took it as an ominous warning. Did this man set out to do this? Not at all. And that is precisely the danger. What choices do we make day by day that undermine communion with Christ? What subtle steps remove our dependence upon the glorious Son of God? What pressures, opportunities and challenges hinder the gaze of faith upon his finished work, present reign, and glorious return?

I came across this helpful comment by William Cunningham:
The incarnation of the second person of the godhead,--the assumption of human nature by One who from eternity had possessed the divine nature, so that he was God and man in one person,--is, as a subject of contemplation, well fitted to call forth the profoundest reverence, and to excite the strongest emotions.
If Christ really was God and man in one person, we may expect to find, in the object thus presented to our contemplation, much that is mysterious--much that we cannot fully comprehend; while we should be stirred up to examine with the utmost care everything that has been revealed to us regarding it.
William Cunningham, Historical Theology, p. 237

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