Saturday, January 26, 2008

Revealed! Amillennialism is the root of theological evil!

Scott Clark has a slot called "Saturday is for Seminary," well here is my own version, "Saturday is for Satire" or perhaps "Sarcasm."

Here are two delightful quotes from a "ministries" website. I'll change the name to protect the guilty:
"Dr.---------" observed that as churches turned from a premillennial doctrinal view of prophecy to an amillennial/covenant position, they lost their sense of purpose and direction. Evangelism and mission programs declined and disappeared. Over time, the local church died of its own making, largely due to their change in understanding of the role of Israel, prophecy, and the church.
That's exactly what happened in my own country Wales. The theological colleges were infected with amillennialism and the decline set in. Or was it liberalism that caused the decline? I'm a bit hazy on my church history. And of course the great Welsh preachers Daniel Rowland and Howell Harris, through whom thousands came to faith, were known for travelling all over the land with their end times charts. And is it not well known that Princeton Seminary dissuaded countless numbers of zealous preachers from going overseas by using the old "covenant theology mind trick"?

And this is full of insight too:

Many churches lack sufficient background to counter the challenges by movements, such as the purpose-driven church, the emerging church, post-modernism theology, Replacement Theology, etc., all are the result of the amillennial view of history.
Didn't Don Carson say something similar in Becoming Conversant with the Emergent?

So there you have it. And don't by the book in the picture above, the author is clearly a very deluded individual. He's probably into emerging church too.


Gryphonette said...

Poor ol' amils get it from both directions, as I've read more than one postmil say pretty much the same thing, i.e. that amillenialism is the root of theological evil. ;^)

ricki said...

Martin - don't do this again. I read your post through my blog reader which does show how you tagged it. I went through a range of unhealthy thoughts and emotions before taking time to come over to you blog to better understand what was going on.

Wow - you really had me.

Ok ... I'm smiling now.

Anonymous said...

Corresponded with Kim on this book. Your satire is actually a reality for him. I think it's a great thorough book. It's Monday so not sure if I can continue the satire.....?

Do buy it!! :-)

étrangère said...

Hmm, I recall Henri Blocher was persuaded by my Grandfather's book and thereby was not only banned from teaching eschatology, but also lost much (American) funding from the college at Vaux-sur-Seine. Root of all evil indeed.

lee n. field said...

Not the first time I've seen someone equate amil-ism with the great end times apostacy.

Ah, yes, here we go: .

"Hold on to your prophecy resources!"

Alan said...

Wow ! That made my hair curl !

JeremiahEdwards said...
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Colin said...

Forget all arguments that end with the word suffix -millenium and just accept the word of God. Christ will set up and reign from Jerusalem for 1000 years at his second coming. That is what the word of God says. When people reject this the underlying cause two fold. First it rejects the promises of God made to Israel and in its own right is a form of antisemitism toward the Jews. Secondly, if we go around telling new born believers that we are in those 1000 years now then we have to come to the absurdity of that statement and some how have to twist in the fact that Satan is also locked away in the abyss unable to effect mankind (What?!?!?!? can you not see the news????) and that Christ has already broken through the clouds with the angels and every eye has seen him (my history books record nothing of the sort and I am sure that this would not have been missed).

The Absurdity of holding on to such an heretical statement is just beyond me. You really have to take a pair of scissors to the word of God to come to the conclusion that we are in the 1000 years today. NO, NO, NO - the 1000 years begins when the Lord returns and "touch down" at the mount of olives is experienced, by all of humanity. No one will miss this!

And I second what the author has said...when this teaching is pushed onto a congregation and held onto it literally saps the life out of the fellowship. Also there is something more sinister than this! If you are telling people that we are in the 1000 years now and expecting Jesus to return at the end...then we are setting up the lambs to accept the false messiah who is going to come on the scene very soon when all the world starts to say "peace, peace" - blow the trumpet, feed the lambs and warn the sheep to reject the notation that you are in the 1000 years now and to tell those who are teaching that they need to repent!