Thursday, August 24, 2006

The Inevitability of Deceit

Calvin on Acts 20:30

"This amplifies the grievousness of the evil, because there be some wolves within, and so hiding themselves under the title of pastors, [which] do wait for some opportunity wherein they may do hurt. Also, he declares what danger these wolves do threaten, the scattering abroad of the flock, when the Church is drawn away from the unity of faith, and is divided into sects. Neither are all those wolves who do not their duty as they ought, but there be oftentimes hirelings, a kind of men not so hurtful as the other. But the corruption of doctrine is a most deadly plague to the sheep. Now, in the third place, the fountain and beginning of this evil is noted, because they will draw disciples after them. Therefore, ambition is the mother of all heresies".


Randy said...

It would seem that everybody thinks that if we are all just nice enough to the wolves, then they will become vegetarians.

Unknown said...

Great quote Martin.