Friday, December 14, 2007

More good things to come

A year ago I decided that it would be helpful to interview some senior pastors and seminary professors on the issue of handling truth and error in the church. It would be fair to say that the result has exceeded my expectations.

I'm very grateful for the wise insights from the Word, church history, and practical experience of Geoff Thomas, Derek Thomas, Scott Clark, Carl Trueman, Mike Horton, Mark Dever, Tom Schreiner, Joel Beeke, Tom Ascol, Gary Johnson, Ron Gleason, Guy Waters, Iain D. Campbell, Conrad Mbewe, and Sean Lucas. If you missed any of them then check out the archives from April 2007 onward.

In the New Year I hope to post interviews with Pierced for our Transgressions author, Mike Ovey, Ligon Duncan on the New Perspective and justification, and one with Crossway editor Justin Taylor. After that I will wrap up the series with an interview on the Trinity (truth and errors, old and new) and one on Hell and annihilationism.

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