Friday, November 07, 2008

Risking The Truth

Updated [New endorsement from Jim Hamilton]

The official title for the interviews book that Christian Focus will be publishing next year is:

Risking The Truth: Handling Error in the Church
Interviews with Mark Dever, Carl Trueman, Mike Horton, Tom Schreiner, Scott Clark, Ligon Duncan, Derek Thomas, Kim Riddlebarger...

...and several other senior ministers and seminary professors.

Here are some endorsements:

This collection is fascinating, sobering and encouraging. It presents an impressive range of experience and wisdom on the challenges facing the church and its ministry in dealing with false teaching while being sensitive to those affected by it.

Robert Letham
Tutor in Systematic Theology
WEST (Wales Evangelical School of Theology)

Serious. Thoughtful. Humble. Godly. Loving. Bracing. Encouraging. These interviews will be a blessing to anyone seeking to be faithful in Christian ministry.

James M. Hamilton Jr.
Associate Professor of Biblical Theology
The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

The threat of heresy is no small matter. Heresy so twists and alters the most essential saving truths that it detroys authentic Christian faith and places those who embrace it in eternal danger. All errors in doctrine are harmful. All errors in doctrine lead to errors in practice. But some errors are deadly to our souls.

Concerning the danger to the church posed by heresy the late Harold Brown wrote:
"Traditionally, the church has been symbolized by an ark; those who board the ark will survive the deluge. Heresy not merely undermines one's intellectual understanding of Christian doctrine, but threatens to sink the ark, and thus to make salvation impossible for everyone, not merely for the individual heretic."

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