Tuesday, November 04, 2008


I've made some changes to the blog. Some of the blog links, mainly those to the big hitters, have been replaced. I figured that if people are going to visit those blogs they are probably not going to do that via my links. I have updated the blog links with some, perhaps, less well known but "well worth reading" blogs.

Also added are links to:
  • Major creeds, confessions and catechisms
  • Theology resources
  • Links to articles that I have written
  • A biblico-theological sermon on Lamentations 2 (The Suffering City and the Suffering Saviour) a book that is emotionally difficult to preach through but more rewarding than I first anticipated
  • A couple of books that I have contributed to
And my thanks to Dave Bish for helping me sort out the unintended appearance of bullet points in the sidebar.

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