Friday, November 07, 2008

Amazon got their prices wrong

Commiserations to all of you who "bought" excessive amounts of NICOT/NICNT commentaries at silly prices only to find that got their prices wrong.

Of course those of you who are English will have had that feeling of "astronomically raised hopes being cruelly dashed" every time that the football world cup comes around.


Stephen Dunning said...

It must be a new feeling then to those who are Welsh !?

Martin Downes said...

Well, we are becoming accustomed to success when it comes to rugby.

étrangère said...

And I, having heard of the "reductions" too late to avail of them, the prices having returned to normal, now don't mind having missed out on saving money because the whole thing was a scam. This is a familiar Northern Irish feeling, though unrelated to sport. It's how we do politics, generally buying into things following GB, when we should have realised twas all a mistake. "Bog standard comprehensives", for example ;-) So even though no-one's better off, thanks for the laugh!