Friday, April 11, 2008

New Book: Lloyd-Jones Messenger of Grace

In May/June Iain Murray's new book Lloyd-Jones: Messenger of Grace will be published by the Banner of Truth Trust. They have kindly let me see a pre-release copy and I will be reviewing sections over the next few months. I won't be posting any extracts from the book but I hope that I will be able to give a flavour of what looks like an important volume on the preaching and significance of Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones.

The chapter titles are:
Part 1

1. The Lloyd-Jones legacies

2. Preaching and the Holy Spirit

3. The Evangelistic use of the Old Testament

4. Skeletons in the cupboard

5. Raising the Standard of Preaching:

Notes of a Memorable Address

6. Lloyd-Jones and Spurgeon Compared

7. A Controversial Book:

Joy Unspeakable: The Baptism With The Holy Spirit

8. 'The Lost Leader' or 'A Prophetic Voice'?

Part 2

9. The End of the Puritan Conference:
Lloyd-Jones to Packer

10. Some Convictions of Lloyd-Jones in Miniature

11. Inventory of the Lloyd-Jones Sermons

12. An Analysis of the Sermons on Ephesians

13. Is the Reformation Over? A Review
Iain Murray was Dr. Lloyd-Jones' assistant at Westminster Chapel and has written a brilliant two volume biography of "the Doctor." They are a must read if you wish to understand evangelicalism in the 20th century.

Al Mohler considers these two volumes to be among the ten most important Christian biographies from recent decades. Sean Lucas lists them as No. 4 in his list of most influential biographies and Michael Haykin also includes them in his list of nine biographies that have had a profound influence on his life.

They are available from the Banner of Truth. Volume one is out of stock but will be shipped when available and can ordered here, and volume two is available here . If you live in the US or Canada vol. 2 is available here.


Dianna Wood said...

Looking very forward to your section reviews.

Blessings to You

Family Blogs said...

Hi Martin,
Thanks for highlighting this book, I'm looking forward to reading your preview sections, and to reading the text for myself when it is published.
God bless,

Kim from Hiraeth said...

Iain Murray's 2 volume bio of D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones is my favorite biography and one I often urge folks to read! I am looking forward to reading this new offering from his pen.

I'll be reading your previews!

Kevin Williams said...

Thanks brother I'll be looking forward to this.

Anonymous said...

The first 2 volumes represent a determined effort on the part of Murray to avoid dealing with the controversial parts of Lloyd-Jones' life and ministry. This was viewed by many, including myself as a great weakness for a Christian biography.

The chapter headings of this third volume look interesting because it appears that what I consider as the inadequacies of the first 2 volumes are going to be redressed.

Lloyd-Jones was a great and godly man - but he was a man and we need to see him warts and all.

Anonymous said...