Friday, January 11, 2008

Interview with Derek Thomas

Guy Davies interviews Derek Thomas here

They discuss preaching, biblical and systematic theology, pastoral ministry, and Wales.

Turns out that Del Boy's favourite movie is How Green Was My Valley. There is lovely. I read the book when I was an A-level student. Derek, tolle lege.


There is a word in the interview that needs some explaining to non-Welsh readers. Guy asks Derek about whether he still gets hiraeth. It means longing and homesickness. Welsh people suffer from it terribly. They only have to cross the Severn bridge into England and it sets in.

If you would like to see a bit of How Green Was My Valley, I've posted a clip from the movie here.


Derek Thomas said...

Brings tears to me' eyes, so it does!

Derek Thomas

Martin Downes said...

The scene where the sons return home and they are all singing Myfanwy is especially moving.

I'd have to put Alexander Cordell's "The Rape of the Fair Country" up there with "How Green Was My Valley" too.

Wayne Sparkman said...

Thanks for this interview and all related. Elsewhere on the web I noted this:
"It is difficult to define hiraeth, but to me it means the consciousness of man being out of his home area and that which is dear to him. That is why it can be felt even among a host of peoples amidst nature's beauty; like a Christian yearning for heaven."
-D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones
[as quoted on]

Wayne Sparkman
[Welsh on my mother's side]
PCA Historical Center
St. Louis, MO

Martin Downes said...

Excellent quote Wayne.

By the way the PCA historical centre website is great.

Ben Carswell said...

Pity you don't talk about the sequel to this film - "How grey is Port Talbot".