Monday, June 22, 2009

Easter service invite leads to Police questioning

Please watch this short clip.

When people cannot out reason the Christian faith they often resort to more coercive approaches.

(HT: Alan Davey)


Jonathan Hunt said...

If I complained about a gay rights stall I would probably be arrested. The pressure is on the police. If they had ignored the gay man's complaints, they would have been in for a world of trouble.

Why on earth one policeman couldn't have strolled over, taken some literature, checked it and concluded the gay man was overreacting is beyond me.

Daniel Blanche said...

Problem is - when "we" were in the majority, we didn't stick up for the gay people's right to disagree, did we? Or really anyone else's for that matter...

I know that doesn't materially affect things, but it does help me to understand what, at first glance, just seems to insane a response to comprehend.

KiwiChronicles said...

Dan, you have a bit of a point - but not a strong one. Where we do need to take note is that seeking to quosh the freedom of speech is always mischevious and dishonest: whether it is someone seeking to do it to Christians or Christians seeking to do it to others.

But it does also throw up the curious possibility of a complaint to the police on the grounds of 'hate' incitement when our right to speak of Jesus with clarity is challenged in such a mischevious way!