Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Coming Soon: The Marrow of Modern Divinity

A new edition of the classic work is being published by Christian Focus. Here's the blurb:

A dialogue between a minister of the gospel and a young Christian. Both legalism and antinomianism are perennial dangers for the church and for individual Christians. When we begin to think of the Christian life primarily as a list of ‘do’s and ‘dont’s’, we are under the sway of legalism. When we begin to think that it is okay for us to go ahead and sin because God will forgive us anyway, we are feeling the temptation of antinomianism. The Marrow of Modern Divinity proclaims a gospel that can rescue us from both of these dangers.

Clearly laid out edition available after many years of being out of print. Explanatory notes by Thomas Boston and Introduction notes by Philip Ryken.

Details can be found here.

Phil Ryken has an article on Boston over at Ref 21:

One of the first people that I hope to meet in heaven is the Scottish theologian Thomas Boston, who was the subject of my doctoral research in church history. I admire the man for the depth of his theology. Jonathan Edwards said that Boston's work on the covenants distinguished him as a "truly great divine."

I also admire for the breadth of his writing: twelve thick volumes on almost every doctrine of the Christian faith, taught from every book of the Bible. I admire Thomas Boston even more for his faithfulness as a pastor over twenty-five years in the same rural parish. But I admire him most of all for his perseverance through suffering.

Read the rest here.

A series of addresses on the neglected but vitally important pastoral issues in the Marrow controversy by Sinclair Ferguson can be found here.

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