Thursday, March 26, 2009

False teaching makes us better students

It is hard to imagine how the spread of distorted views of the truths can bring any benefits. Luther thought differently:

“If heresies and offenses come, Christendom will only profit thereby, for they make Christians to read diligently the Holy Writ and ponder the same with industry. … Thus through heretics and offenses we are kept alert and stouthearted and amid wrangles and battles understand God's word better than before.”


William Dicks said...

It is just such a pity that so many Christians get caught up in all these heresies and do not have a clue that they have been misled!

But then, again, the "P" in TULIP explains that behaviour, doesn't it?

Gary Brady said...

You probably know this Martin but I noticed that Oak hill have a conference on schism (Jim Packer is a speaker)in May See -