Monday, September 15, 2008

Salvation is of the Lord

"...the doctrine of monergistic regeneration--or as it was phrased by the older theologians, of 'irresistible grace' or 'effectual calling'--is the hinge of the Calvinistic soteriology, and lies much more deeply embedded in the system than the doctrine of predestination itself which is popularly looked upon as its hallmark.

There is accordingly nothing against which Calvinism sets its face with more firmness than every form and degree of autosoterism. Above everything else, it is determined that God, in his Son Jesus Christ, acting through the Holy Spirit whom he has sent, shall be recognized as our veritable Saviour.

To it sinful man stands in need not of inducements or assistance to save himself, bit of actual saving; and Jesus Christ has come not to advise, or urge, or induce, or aid him to save himself, but to save him. This is the root of the Calvinistic soteriology.

He who knows that it is God who has chosen him and not he who has chosen God, and that he owes his entire salvation in all its processes and in every one of its stages to this choice of God, would be an ingrate indeed if he gave not the glory of salvation solely to the inexplicable elective love of God."
B. B. Warfield, "Calvinism" in The Works of Benjamin B. Warfield volume 5: Calvin and Calvinism, p. 359-60

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Anonymous said...

A very suggestive portrait to accompany Warfield! I think it highlights the real moment of salvation in the story. Not the prodigal 'coming to himself' (which would surely be self-salvation). But the Father's embrace of a prodigal even whose repentance (being legal - 'I will slave for you') is shot through with sin.