Monday, August 04, 2008

Against Heresies: the interviews

Christian Focus will be publishing a series of interviews that I did with senior ministers and seminary professors on handling truth and error in the church. I hope that the interviews will benefit all church members, but they will be especially useful for pastors, elders, and seminarians.

Several of the interviews were posted on the blog in 2007 (but are no longer available). There will also be new interviews in the book on justification and the New Perspective, with Ligon Duncan, plus others on inerrancy and hell.

The line up includes Carl Trueman, Mike Horton, Mark Dever, Tom Schreiner (on penal substitution), Scott Clark, Ligon Duncan, Derek Thomas, Joel Beeke, Kim Riddlebarger (on errors and the end times), Iain D. Campbell, Guy Waters, Ron Gleason, Gary L. W. Johnson, Tom Ascol, Geoff Thomas, Conrad Mbewe, and Sean Lucas (plus a few others that I'm very excited about but can't announce just yet).

The collection is topped and tailed with two chapters that I have written, a short primer on heresy and "What really matters in ministry" (directives for church leaders from Acts 20).

There's no release date as yet for the book.


Anonymous said...

Sounds cracking. Who are the mystery interviews....I wonder? Surely you didn't get that Chalke interview after all..!!

May meet you Sunday as we are in Chester for hols!

Peter Chen said...

What a great list of people.

It would be great to have James R White as well.