Thursday, December 23, 2010

Hunting down heretics this Christmas

I have acquired a helper.  In fact I told Kezia that I was going to train our new puppy to hunt down heretics, to which she replied "What's a heretic?"

So you see, I'm not so obsessed with heretics that my children have learned the Heretical alphabet (A is for Arian, Anthropomorphite and Anabaptist, B is for...) and know their Ebionites from their Samosatians.  The dog however is in training to track down anti-trinitarians of all descriptions, Nestorians and Eutychians.

Remember, a heretic is not for life but should be excommunicated after the second admonition.


R. Scott Clark said...

That's brilliant!

Anonymous said...

Heretics aren't very hard to find. Get a mirrow and take a look.
Theodore A. Jones

Anonymous said...

Hope puppy stays orthodox for all your sakes.
A face that cute is going to get more than two admonitions before being cast out.
Season's blessings to you and yours.