Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Crystal Goblet and the Wine: We were made to memorise

Scott Clark has a delightful story about three year old Samuel Chelpka who has memorised Billy Collins' poem "Litany."

Take a look at the video and interview on ABC News here

If you are observant you can see a copy of G. I. Williamson's The Westminster Shorter Catechism: for study classes on the shelf behind Samuel and his mum

Scott has some great reflections on the story here

You should also check out David Murray's video clip "How to memorize: ten fast facts" here

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Cris said...

And moving left from the Williamson book, there's Wallace's GGBtB, Van Pelt and Pratico's Hebrew Vocab, a BHS, Zaspel's BBW bio(?), the 3-volume Hodge ST, and Dennison's Reformed Confessions, and a few more that look really familiar. He'll have plenty to read...

Great story!