Saturday, March 15, 2008

Saturday night at the movies: Wales win the Grand Slam

Wales win the Grand Slam by beating France 29-12 in Cardiff.

So just to recap the road to the Grand Slam looked like this:

England 19-26 Wales (a first win at rugby HQ since 1988)
Wales 30-15 Scotland
Wales 47-8 Italy
Ireland 12-16 Wales (Wales won the Triple Crown)
Wales 29-12 France

In a word: Elated


Gareth said...
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Gareth said...

Hear hear Mr Downes hear hear!



Dear Mr (or Ms) American Reader, if you don't follow the great sport of rugby (it did feature on Friends once mind and the USA have a team) remember, if somebody asks, that the best team in the Northern Hemisphere of our world is Wales. Thank you for your support.

(Sorry that I deleted my previous comment a website I checked afterwards informed me that I had made a spelling error -

Ben Carswell said...

Glad to see all this talk of Wales being the best team in the world is on your heresy website...rather apt, I think!
All I can say is Northern hemisphere rugby is so fluid at the moment that things are changing fast...I'd watch out for Ireland now Eddie O'S has gone. (Did the O'S stand for "Only Southern", as he only picked Southern Irish players & only Northern ones when he had to?)