Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Lamentations 2: The Suffering City and the Suffering Saviour

Last Sunday I preached at London City Presbyterian Church on Lamentations 2. It would be fair to say that Lamentations is neither well read nor well understood. But, I hope, once we set it into the context of redemptive history we will begin to see it as a book that has a lot to teach us about the gospel.

You can listen to the sermon online here. The outline of the sermon was as follows:

1. When the unthinkable happens

2. What the inquest uncovered

3. Where to go in a crisis


Judgement then and now

The city and the Saviour

The lost city and the city that can never be lost

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Anonymous said...

Excellent sermon Martin! What a blessing to listen to on my way to work this morning.