Friday, April 20, 2007

Atonement: Godliness and Polemics

In light of recent events in British evangelicalism (see post below) here are some wise and helpful words from John Piper on the subject of controversy:

Some controversy is crucial for the sake of life-giving truth. Running from it is a sign of cowardice. But enjoying it is usually a sign of pride. Some necessary tasks are sad, and even victory is not without tears--unless there is pride. The reason enjoying controversy is a sign of pride is that humility loves truth-based unity more than truth-based victory.

Humility delights to worship Christ in spirit and truth. If it must fight for worship-sustaining truth, it will, but that is not because the fight is pleasant. It's not even because victory id pleasant. It's because knowing and loving and proclaiming Christ for who he really is and what he did is pleasant.

John Piper, Contending for our all, p. 17

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