Friday, April 25, 2008

The End of the Law? Affinity Theological Study Conference 2009

The End* Of The Law?

- to bring to an end or conclusion
- to terminate
- to reach a goal

The 2009 Affinity Theological Study Conference

4th - 6th February 2009

Examining the role of the law in the Bible, the Church and Society.

Since New Testament times (and even within the New Testament Church) the nature of the relationship of the Christian to God’s law has been the subject of considerable disagreement and confusion. On the one hand the New Testament warns Christians against those who twist God’s grace into a justification for licence. On the other hand the New Testament is no less insistent that legalism is a form of bondage from which believers have been set free. So much is clear. Problems surface when what one regards as holiness of life is viewed by another as legalism, and what some consider to be gospel liberty is branded by others as shameful licence.

As traditional understandings are increasingly being questioned, even by reformed Christians, the 2009 Affinity Theological Study Conference will address the overall theme of law and covenant. In addition to a historical overview, speakers of different persuasions will address issues such as the threefold division of the law, whether there is one covenant or two and the place of the Mosaic law in the Church and society.

Speakers include:

Chris Bennett (Wilton Community Church, Muswell Hill)
Iain D. Campbell (Back Free Church, Isle of Lewis)
Paul Helm (Regent College, Vancouver and London University)
Michael Horton (Westminster Seminary, California)
Bob Letham (Wales Evangelical School of Theology (WEST), Bridgend)
Douglas J. Moo (Wheaton College, Illinois)

To reserve your place contact Philip Grubb on 01656 646152 or send an e-mail to Early booking is advisable.

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Augustinian Successor said...

Yes, the third use (usus tertius) of the Law is extremely controversial in certain Lutheran circles ("gospel reductionism"), and Reformed sects ("doctrinal antinomianism").

Perhaps, the Affinity Conference can also explore the dynamics between the third use of the Law and the neo-legalistic heresies of Shepherd, Auburn Avenue, etc. and the NPP.