Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Heresy is the Dark Side

Heresy is the dark side of orthodoxy...

It is a world of pseudo-prophets and teachers, a world of wolves that appear to be sheep, of lies that appear to be truth, of workmen who are deceitful rather than approved, of clouds without rain, springs without water, trees with bad fruit, preachers of truth who tell lies about God and his Christ.

It is a world of contentious people who hinder the peace and growth of the church by their divisiveness. It is a world of secrets, of denials, of sensuality, of people pleasing.

It is a world where Jesus is not believed to be what, in reality, he most gloriously is. It is a world where churches make false confessions to the world, where young and old are taught things that are wrong.

It is the world, and not God, setting the agenda. It is a beast that looks like a lamb but has the voice of a dragon.

It is a world that is a continual grief to gospel loving churches.

And it is a world that ends in gloom, in the blackness of darkness forever.

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