Monday, April 20, 2015

Luminous Media - See things in a new light

I have just launched Luminous Media. We are a media agency specialising in words and design – digital and print, with offices in South Wales and the South West.

You can take a look at our site and work here

And also a new blog here

We make our clients more visible through PRvideo and motion graphicscopywritingwebsitescreative and printsocial media and content, and advertising campaigns. The building blocks of marketing.
We are a social enterprise. That simply means that we are making our business work for the good of others. Our prices are competitive, but we are not all about the profits that we can make. We also give our services for free to small charities, non-profit organisations, and community projects.
You can read more about who we are and why we are making business work for the good of others here
And if we can help you, or someone you know, here's how to reach us


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