Thursday, October 09, 2008

New Book: Bible Overview

Christian Focus has just brought out Bible Overview by my friend Steve Levy. Order it here. Or take Glen Scrivener's advice and get it cheaper here.

The book should stir up some debate on important issues, not least of which is the content of the faith of Old Testament saints. One wonders whether liberal theology and higher critical Old Testament scholarship eviscerated evangelical confidence that David knew that Christ was his Lord, that Israel grieved the Holy Spirit in the wilderness, and that the Church in the Old Testament wasn't Unitarian.

Have a read of the following recommendations (there is one from me inside the book):

"Steve has a fever for the Bible and is desperate to infect you! Let him."

Dale Ralph Davis

"This is a page-turner of a book! I truly cannot think of a better way of introducing someone to the Bible than through these wonderfully luminous chapters."

Richard Bewes

"That it is well written and easy to read is good for starters; but the heart of the situation is the sheer happiness of meeting someone who is so in love with the bible, so sensible in his approach..."

Alec Motyer

"My prayer is that the Holy Spirit will use this lively and stimulating book by Steve Levy to remove the veil from many minds."

Stuart Olyott

Here's a comment from Glen Scrivener at Christ the Truth:

Loving what I’ve read so far. I reckon this is the book I’ll be giving to anyone wanting a grounding in Christ-focused biblical theology.

Here’s a provocative paragraph early on:

“When you are reading any of the Old Testament books, whether Numbers, Leviticus, Kings or Chronicles, you are reading about the gospel of Jesus Christ. You are not reading an illustration of the gospel, you are not reading stories that can be reinterpreted in the light of the gospel. You are reading God’s clear word about Jesus. That is how the Bible sees itself.” (p22)

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Glen said...

A friend just pointed out to me that WesleyOwen are selling the book for £2 less.

Worth every penny!