Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Isn't it time the Church found God?

From the Telegraph:

"This week Holy Cows makes the case that the Church of England should stop blaming the government for secularizing society and favouring other religions. Instead, it should look in the mirror – it has been actively sabotaging itself for some time.

If your vicar doesn’t believe in the virgin birth, has doubts about God, wears funky trainers, likes ethnic furniture, and is constantly having inter-faith meetings with leaders of other religions and giving them insider tips on how to take over his patch, the chances are you are being actively secularized, by your own Church!

With a clergy like this, and an all things-to-all-men approach, does the Church of England actually communicate what it stands for? Does it know what it stands for?

There’s no point pointing the finger at the government when the Church has been doing everything within its means to make itself irrelevant."

You can watch the five minute video clip here. It is a little disappointing compared with the paragraphs above.

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