Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Evangelicals and Confessionalism

This is a short follow up post to my one entitled Minimus and Maximus on the differing approaches to statements of faith in among the subgroups that make up evangelicalism. Two extracts from Darryl Hart.

"Of course, the aim of evangelicalism was to find a lowest common denominator faith that would take members from diverse denominations and independent congregations and stitch them together in a recognizable quilt."

"...for mere Christianity to survive, wise and constant diligence needs to be directed to as complete a reflection on biblical truth as possible. In other words, to preserve the minimum, you need to defend the maximum. This is logic that those who call themselves evangelical have instinctively avoided."

D. G. Hart, Deconstructing Evangelicalism, p. 30-1

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