Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Learning the Shorter Catechism

On Sunday we held our first catechism class. There were fifty of us lined up for the start of the marathon. In three years we will cover all 107 questions and answers of the Westminster Shorter Catechism.

Learning the catechism in this way is a long term investment in the truth.

Bruce Benedict has set the catechism to "quirky, folky music" to help memorization. I think he has done a grand job of it.

You can get hold of the cd/downloadable mp3 plus some samples here. Have a listen. And at just $8 for Q. 1-38 I'd really encourage you to buy it.


étrangère said...

It's worth getting hold of the modern English version. I learned it as a teenager and found it very useful - now catechising our church teens with it.

Martin Downes said...

Yes, we've been using that version too. I printed out a sheet with the original and modern versions.

étrangère said...

:) But printed out a sheet? That won't help propagate the WSC - if they don't sell copies of the modern English booklet it'll go out of print! Though probably the only person in the UK who stocks it in bulk is the Evangelical Bookshop Belfast - 02890 320529 :)

Martin Downes said...

Relax. We are selling it too.