Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Crazy NICOT/NICNT Commentary sale

Check it out at



Waltke on Proverbs (2 Volumes) £6.00 and £6.80 instead of £28.00.

Wenham on Leviticus £1.99 instead of £22.00.

Barnett on 2 Corinthians £4.79 instead of £30.00.

And much, much more.

(HT: Tim Chester)


Juan said...

Do you know if we can buy them if we live in the US?



Anonymous said...

Crazy indeed! Why? Don't know. Don't care! These are not available in e form (e.g. with Logos) so this is as cheap as they will ever get. Some of the real monsters (e.g. Moo on 1 Cor) don't seem to be discounted - but there are others which are INCREDIBLE value.

Anonymous said...

You can order into the US, sign on to with account, shipping will be a bit more though, about $5 US for each book, but even with that some are still worth it.


Guy Davies said...

The cheapies have all gone )-:

Kent said...

Actually, these are now available from Logos:

The New International Commentary on the Old and New Testament (NICOT/NICNT 40 Vols.)