Tuesday, November 04, 2008

The End of the Law?

Is the title for the 2009 Affinity Theological Study Conference

The dates are 4th - 6th February 2009 and the venue is the High Leigh Conference Centre (Hertfordshire)

The conference is about the role of the law in the Bible, the Church and Society

Here's the line up:

Robert Letham "The concept of covenant in the history of theology"
Iain D. Campbell "The validity of the three-fold division of the Mosaic law in Scripture"
Doug Moo "One covenant or two: the relationship between the old and the new"
Chris Bennett "The use of the Mosaic law in the New Testament church"
Paul Helm "The use of the Mosaic law in society today"
Mike Horton "Where do we go from here?"

All the details that you need can be found here.

The conference brochure can be downloaded here.


Alan said...

I SO LONG to be there !

Anonymous said...

According to last Council meeting, it's full, Martin! See you there!