Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Political heretics

You can find heretics and heresies everywhere.  In the church, outside the church, on the internet, in books, under rocks, inside donuts, the list is almost endless.

There are of course heresies and heretics in the political realm.  Their identity is determined by those who define, control, regulate and uphold orthodoxy. A point made by Peter Hitchens.
Russia is no longer an ideological state, externally or internally.  It no longer seeks global power, and in some ways is less interested in the minds of its citizens than are 'Western' countries which demand increasing obedience to the formulas of political correctness.  In Russia, you may hold what private opinions you like.  Just do not challenge the state.  In Britain, your private opinions may be reported to the authorities and get you into trouble, even if you believe your actions are part of normal life and you have no wish to challenge the state.
Peter Hitchens, The Cameron Delusion, p. viii

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Chesa said...

So, before Russia was an ideological state? I wonder how does the citizen were being affected when it still seeks for global power.
Thank you for posting this article.

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