Friday, April 01, 2011

Lloyd-Jones diaries to be published

Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones was one of the most famous preachers of the twentieth century.  In addition to the many published works of his still available, most notably his expository series on Ephesians and Romans, his previously unpublished diaries will soon become available in three volumes.

The first two volumes cover his early years as the minister at Westminster Chapel after the retirement of Campbell Morgan, and continue up until the late 1950s.  The third volume, due to published first, covers the crucial controversial years of the 1960s and early 1970s and carries his reflections on the parting of the ways with J. I. Packer and the public controversy with John Stott.

This third volume is being transcribed and should be available twelve months from now.  No publisher has been announced but I understand that several large evangelical publishing houses are interested in this project.  They would be fools not to be.


Unknown said...

I look forward to reading them once I finish the Hitler diaries.
Thanks for letting us know about this

Jonathan Hunt said...

I understand that Banner won't be publishing them as they contain clear evidence that the Doctor thought that Iain Murray was a bit of an upstart.

Anonymous said...

What a treat this will be! Thanks for letting us know in advance.