Thursday, May 20, 2010

Abortion, the British Media and the Culture of Death

The Daily Telegraph reports on the first showing of an advertisement for abortion on British television. The advert for the non-profit making Marie Stopes International will be screened during the commercial break of a game show.

Ed West, in the Telegraph, makes the following comments about the culture of death that lies like a shroud across the Western world
How appropriate that Britain's first televised abortion advert...will be broadcast during a game show hosted by Davina McCall which carries the strapline: "Do you want to be given a MILLION pounds on TV?" How wonderfully dystopian, like something from a 1980s satire on jungle capitalism, such as Robocop or The Running Man. Win a fortune! Have an abortion!

And how odd someone awaking from a 30-year coma might find the values of our country, as reflected in television. You can't advertise cigarettes at any time or fatty foods during children's shows, because it might harm the health of children, but you can advertise the killing of unborn children in the middle of a game show. (Likewise you can't smack your kids, according to the European Court, but you can kill them up to birth if they have a hairlip).


Ben Stevenson said...

I think a good response to this would be to get an advert along the lines of this video on TV.

Cheryl Brismeyer said...

where is the magical point when they become children? and what makes an abortion ok? I am confused by all of this controversy.

Em. said...

One in every three women has had an abortion, which shows that it is terrifyingly easy to murder your unborn baby.
Provided you don't use those words.

So a woman has the right to choose.
The choices however are never explicitly laid before you. The actions are hidden in euphemisms.....
"Are you going to keep it?"
"Do you want to get rid of it?"
Factual nouns and verbs must not be used, because once you do that, well - well then you might just realise what you're doing................

Marie Stopes claims they are running the advert to encourage people to speak more openly about abortion, but I suggest what they want is more double speak. Surely the only sort of 'open' conversations they want to encourage are of the pro-abortion, (sorry, pro-choice) euphemistic ones.

Women do not need help obtaining abortions, they are sadly all too easy to obtain.
Women do need help. They need help to see that inconvenience is not a reason to kill. Inconvenience is not even an excuse.
Women do need to be told that even this heinous act can be forgiven by our gracious God.

Anonymous said...

That is a very good comparison of "smacking kids, but kiiling unborn ones" I figure that humans have a tendency to deal with what is seen(as this is temporal and easy to deal with). It is whats unseen thats the magic, the beauty of it all. Abortion may seem okay because the seed is small, but thats not even the point. Its wrong as two left feet.
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