Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Work of the Pastor

Christian Focus are due to release a revised version of William Still's The Work of the Pastor this May.

Concerning this book Sinclair Ferguson writes:
A great little book by a remarkable missionary to whom I owe an immense personal debt. Every minister should read it once a year - at least!
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Zac Wyse said...

I'm in the middle of reading this book right now (found it at Book-Aid for a pound!) and have been very encouraged by it. Here's a taste:

"The greatest failure is not that you make a mess of your first pastorate by not knowing enough human psychology, necessary as it is (it is all in the Bible, anyway!). The greatest failure is that you fail to minister the Word of God in any effectiveness or fullness to the people. The ministers who are the greatest failures are not necessarily those who make such havoc of a church that they have to pass on and leave someone else to put humpty-dumpty together again..., but the greatest failures are those who, having tried to run Christ's church as a moneymaking racket, a clockwork train, or a social free-for-all, depart and leave a spiritual wilderness behind them, in which the one thing that is not known at all is the Word of God."

Martin Downes said...

Thanks Zac

What a great quote