Saturday, January 03, 2009

School's out forever

Comic story in The Times about Watercliffe Meadow Primary in Sheffield. Apparently the word "school" has far too many negative connotations for pupils and parents, so the received wisdom is that it should now be referred to as "a place for learning."

Read about it here.

The Times also has the following list of alternative job titles:

Waste removal engineer Dustman

Domestic engineer Housewife

Knowledge navigator Teacher

Stock replenishment adviser Shelf stacker

Dispatch services facilitator Postman

Leisure services administrator Masseuse/masseur

Flueologist Chimney sweep

Head of verbal communications Receptionist/secretary

Environment improvement technician Cleaner

Education centre nourishment production assistant Dinner lady


Phil Walker said...

You laugh, but when I worked for Sainsbury's, ooh, seven or eight years ago, I wasn't a shelf-stacker, I was a stock replenishment something-or-other. Assistant, possibly.

Martin Downes said...

Classy. My first job was as a kebab chef, or "head of elephant leg distribution."

Unknown said...

Surely, a school is able to educate their pupils to understand the true meaning of the word... for now they've got "place of learning" but that's probably got negative connotations too, you'd think...

Alan said...

Some cleaners in France are known as techniciens de surfaces, surface technicians, and I am NOT kidding.