Thursday, January 08, 2009

The Reformation and its impact (audio links)

I could listen to David Calhoun all day. Here is the link for his lectures on the Reformation and Modern Church History. They include the following, plus much more:

Lesson 1: Introduction to Reformation and Modern Church History

Lesson 2: The Context of the Reformation

Lesson 3: Erasmus and the Humanists

Lesson 4: The Life of Martin Luther

Lesson 5: Luther's "Theology of the Cross"

Lesson 6: The Life and Theology of Ulrich Zwingli

Lesson 7: The Radicals of the Reformation

Lesson 8: The Life of John Calvin

Lesson 9: The Theology of Calvin

Lesson 10: The English Reformation

Lesson 11: John Knox and the Scottish Reformation

Lesson 12: The Catholic Reformation

Lesson 13: The Results of the Protestant Reformation

Lesson 14: The Anglicans

Lesson 15: The Puritans

Lesson 16: The Scottish Presbyterians

Lesson 17: The Church in the Netherlands

Lesson 18: The Westminster Assembly

Lesson 19: Calvinism in the New World

Lesson 20: Protestant Orthodoxy

and this...

Lesson 35: Christianity and Liberalism


Paul Levy said...

He speaks so slowly it feels like you are listening to him all day

Martin Downes said...

He's sure to get an invite to the Aber conference then.