Friday, November 08, 2013

The Bonfire of Reformed Identities

Nothing if not provocative, Peter Leithart has a post on 'The End of Protestantism' that is more than a little subversive.  With apologies to David Wells this is The Courage to be Protestant Reformed Catholic instead.

Posts about who gets to define what Reformed means are like buses.  You wait ages for one and then come come along at the same time.

Kevin De Young's post widens what it means to be Reformed to include a larger subset of Calvinistic evangelicals, whilst on the other hand Peter Leithart's extends the boundaries of what it means to be and act as a Reformed Christian in a Romeward direction (but without endorsing the obvious Roman bits of theology and practise).

You can also read Scott Clark's response to Leithart here


Gary Ware said...

Makes a change from last weeks plethora of posts about the status of spiritual gifts.

Martin Downes said...

Yup, on to the next thing in the blogosphere

David said...

Not surprisingly these are mostly pastors doing this who live and die by the blog. They would perhaps be better served by reading Richard Muller's work prior to opining.