Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The sure path to idolatry

More from Weinandy on Athanasius:
This falling away from the vision of the good inevitably led human beings, Athanasius argues, to idolatry.  Having become consumed with earthly and bodily pleasures, human beings lost all vision of the heavenly reality. 
The soul no longer 'sees God the Word...after whose [likeness] (lit. 'after whom') she is made; but having departed from herself, imagines and feigns what is not' (8.1). 
'Truth' and 'goodness' are now solely, but falsely, perceived in the visible and earthly.  Thus human beings 'made gods for themselves of things seen, glorifying the creature rather than the Creator, and deifying the works rather than their Cause, Fashioner and Master' (8.3).
Athanasius, A Theological Introduction, p. 16

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